Beware the Dark Tangle at Your Feet

Cables under desk

What is lurking behind your desk? What are those black, white and gray snake-like things that every day seem to creep closer to your feet? They’re supposed to be cables of power and information, but every time you swap out a desk-top device, or just accidentally kick one those cables and pull the plug, you have to get down on your knees and bow down to the Cords of Confusion – in the dark.

Face it, you’ve been wanting to move your desk closer to the window for a couple of years now, but you couldn’t face unplugging and moving all those cables. The janitor hasn’t cleaned around your desk in months. The last time he did, the vacuum head got caught in the tangle and disconnected everything. It took you three days to put it all back together, and you still had a cable left over. You keep it in your desk in case you find something that doesn’t work.

Isn’t time you “wrangle the tangle”? It’s for people like you, and us, that TechDek designed and manufacture the Cable Corral product line.

We realized the first issue to resolve for the professional or home office was to get the cable clutter off the floor. To accomplish that, we made the Cable Corral so that it could mount horizontally underneath a desk top or shelf, plus 2-Way models that mount either horizontally or vertically on a wall or other convenient surface.

But at TechDek Products, we weren’t satisfied with just moving the clutter up a few feet. We needed to delete the clutter. To do that, we designed the Cable Corral tray to be lined with loops. You can feed cords through the loops, or make it even easier and slip cords between the loops where they’ll be held tightly in place. The standard size Cable Corral is 30 inches long with a tray length of nearly two feet, so it can hold power strips, small peripherals and other accessories. Cable Corral Jr. has a holding tray of just under a foot.

We made Cable Corral to be versatile so you can wrap cords and place peripherals in the tray or hanging below it, with the right size tray you need. You decide how best to use the corral to tame the Cords of Confusion and bring order to your cables -- and bring the janitor back to vacuum under your desk. Heck, you may even figure out where that extra cable is supposed to plug into.

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