4 Workplace & Productivity Hacks


Distractions are everywhere—cell phones, tablets, advertisements, TVs in every room—so make your workplace the least distracting as possible to improve productivity and focus. Here are four steps to a better workplace:

4. Utilize Good Lighting

When possible, incorporate as much natural sunlight in your workplace as you can and face your desk toward the window. Not all office workspaces allow for this, so if it’s not an option, be sure to have multiple light sources and reduce the amount of fluorescents. And if natural sunlight isn’t available in the office, make sure you take a break for a quick walk outside and increase those dopamine levels.

3. Organize and Unclutter Your Desk & Drawers

Out of sight out of mind, right? While this is true to some extent, there’s nothing more frustrating than when you need something now and can’t remember where you put it. You swear you just saw it yesterday . . . Organizing your desk drawers and making sure that everything has a home means that when you are on the phone and need to jot something down, you know exactly where to get a sticky note. Or where to find a paper clip as your run out the door. Or where that ruler is when you are trying to send in last minute measurements.

Regularly cleaning out the clutter will also do a lot of good. Go through your papers and shred what you no longer need records of—or move older records to a filing cabinet or storage closet. Throw away those candy wrappers you stuffed in the drawer in a rush, and wash out those old coffee mugs and put them away or take them home.

2. Notice the Noise and Curate it to Your Needs

Some offices are bustling with energy and noise due to the nature of the business while others are dead silent—and either may be optimal for you, or the opposite. Figure out the environment you work best in and then try to adjust your workspace to match. Are you in your own office where you can listen to some uplifting and motivational jams or calming melodies? If not, many employers often allow for headphones. Headphones are also great for canceling out distracting noise if you need to concentrate in a busy environment. At one of those dead silent offices but find music distracting? Try setting up a fan or air filter for some white noise.

1. Conceal Your Cables and Cords

Cable and cord clutter is both extremely frustrating to deal with and incredibly distracting to look at—or get your feet tangled up in! Take care of that problem for good and feel more refreshed with a slicker looking workspace. TechDek offers the Cable Corral product, a metal organizer that easily attaches to the underside or backside of your desk. With separators, you can make sure your wires aren’t getting crossed, and the small basket is great for holding power strips, small peripherals, or accessories. The product is made from 100% recycled steel in America and comes in several sizes and adjustments. Browse under-desk cable management products for more information.

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