Design Elegance Reigns at Chicago’s NeoCon


Next week is a busy time for us at TechDek Products. We’ll be exhibiting our Cable Corral line of under-desk cable manager at NeoCon in Chicago from June 15 - 17. The trade show that attracted nearly 50,000 trade professionals in 2014 to see the latest innovations in interior design furnishings and products is an ideal venue for us.

TechDek Products will be among the more than 700 exhibitors from the world’s top furnishings manufacturers for office, commercial, residential, hospitality, health care, institutional and government interior design settings. Exhibitors will be showing architectural and building products and services, artwork, floor coverings, furnishings, kitchen and bath products, lighting, textiles, new technology, wall coverings and much more. All of it is meant to catch the eye of attendees, who include architects, interior designers, space planners and facility managers, along with dealers, distributors, manufacturer reps… pretty much anyone working to create dramatic interior spaces.

We have to admit, however, that all these wonderful things to look at during NeoCon puts us at a bit of a visual disadvantage. Our Cable Corral line is designed to be discreet — indeed, out of sight — and to make that jumble of cables beneath your desk disappear as well.

We are inspired by the striking, clean designs at NeoCon, yet we can’t help thinking that interior and furnishing designers must cringe when their elegant concepts are interrupted by the inevitable computers and office technology that brings along a clashing tangle of cables. Office staff struggle to stuff those cables underneath or behind desks in a vain hope to keep them out of sight, but that never really works.

We designed Cable Corral to keep power strips, network and accessory cables and excess cords organized in our own elegant way. Namely, to keep them up off the floor and out of the way of users’ feet and the janitor’s vacuum cleaner. So stop by booth 7-1035 during #NeoCon15 at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. If you like what you don’t see, talk with us about how TechDek’s under-desk cable management solutions can keep cord clutter from clashing with your elegant designs.

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