Top 5 Ways to Have a Clutter-Free Workspace

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Einstein said that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, but with all of today’s technology, gizmos and assorted desktop accoutrements, how can you possibly declutter your office without sacrificing any of your most prized gadgets? Today, we’re going to give you five decluttering tips that are sure to keep your workspace clean and your mind at ease.

1. Reassess what you really need

Often, we form an emotional attachment to the objects around us and convince ourselves that we need things that, in reality, nobody really needs. When you’re going over your desk – or surrounding areas – don’t just ask yourself, “Do I need this?” Instead, ask, “When did I last use this?” If you can’t remember, it’s probably time for it to move along.

2. Designate a spot for everything

Forks go in the silverware drawer, aspirin is in the medicine cabinet and cinnamon sits on the spice rack. In most cases, objects with specific uses have a specific spot in the house that is “theirs.” Extend this philosophy to your office by creating purposeful areas for anything that you regularly use.

3. Define a zero state

A zero state is the state that something is in while it is fully reset and at rest. When you create a zero state for your workspace, you define what your office should look like when it is not in use. With this state in mind, try to return your workspace to its zero state at the end of every day. By limiting the accumulation of work over time, you make future cleanup and organization efforts much, much easier.

4. Keep important items at arm’s length

Just like a surgeon, everything you need to do your work should be in front of you. Everything else… should be somewhere else. If you don’t find yourself regularly using that stapler, three-hole punch or Rolodex, find a new spot for them to reside that gets them out of sight and, more importantly, out of the way.

5. Get your cables under control!

A clutter-free desk is great but what about that mess beneath your feet? What good is a distraction-free desktop if your feet are constantly trapped in a tangle of cables and cords? Using one of Tech Dek’s Cable Corral cable management products is a surefire way to get those power strips, adapters and excess cables off the floor, keep them from wrapping themselves around your feet and prevent them from pulling you away from the task at hand.

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