Impress Clients with a Clean Workspace

Clean Workspace

Is your office plagued with messy and cluttered workspaces? When clients come to visit, do you find yourself apologizing – verbally or mentally – for disorganized desktops, tangled cables and crowded conditions? Have you made a resolution to clean the place up and get it in order?

At TechDek Products, we understand that a client’s opinion of your small business is often formed over time and influenced by a variety of factors. If your workspace isn’t organized, you risk giving the impression that your workflow isn’t organized. Today, we’re going to look at a few helpful tips that will help you achieve – and maintain – a tidy workspace.

Start with public-facing areas

First, you should always start with any area of your business that is visible to the public. The receptionist’s desk, sales counters, foyers and conference rooms are all obvious choices. Begin by tackling the major offenders: loose paperwork, computer peripherals and, of course, unsightly and disorganized cords and cable. Throw the papers away if you don’t need them, reposition your peripherals in a pleasing way and get those power strips, adapters, data and A/V cords out of sight and out of mind.

Organize your workstations

A clean workstation is a productive workstation and clients love productive partners. If your employees are spending eight hours every day at their desks, it’s easy for them to become cluttered. Encourage tidiness by implementing regular cleaning times. By devoting fifteen minutes every day to the general upkeep of your office, your employee workstations will not only be more presentable, they’ll be more efficient.

A few final steps

Once your office is in tip-top shape, find ways to preserve the work you’ve done. Maintain a clean reception area by spending a few minutes organizing at the end of each day. Keep your conference room neat by creating a cleaning checklist to follow after every meeting. And, of course, keep cords from tangling and becoming a mess with TechDek’s patented Cable Corral line of under-desk cable organizers.

At TechDek, our products are designed to make your workstations more efficient. By eliminating distracting clutter and preventing confusing cabling issues, we can help you increase the productivity of your employees. If you’d like to learn more about our products, we’d love to hear from you!

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