Make the Most of Your Space with TechDek’s Under Desk Cable Management


When space is tight, you’ve got to learn how to get the most out of every square inch… and that’s where TechDek’s under-desk cable management system comes into play. Whether you’re doing it to create a clean look or to free up more room for storage, the TechDek line of Cable Corral under-desk organizers can clear out a few precious feet. In this post, we’re going to take a look at a couple of specific scenarios where under-desk cable management can reduce clutter and, more importantly, increase usable space.

Dorm Rooms

Anyone who has been to college is aware of the cramped conditions endemic to dorm rooms. Everyone gets a bunk bed, a closet, four concrete walls and a handful of outlets. Within those meager provisions, you’re expected to fit your whole life. Moving in often becomes a game of inches: a little to the left here, a little to the right there and – boom! – room for a George Foreman grill. While TechDek can’t make your room larger, it can create space under your desk for some additional appliances… say, perhaps, a mini fridge?


Just like dorm rooms, cubicles are where many people spend a significant portion of their lives. Enclosed by those drab particle-board walls, it’s easy to become stir crazy. To combat this, we bring pictures, mementos and knickknacks from home to make the space more comfortable. Unfortunately, with such a small amount of space to work with, we eventually run out of room. Luckily, a significant portion of most cubicles is taken up by a desk, cords and computer equipment. TechDek’s under-desk cable management products can hide the power strips, adapters and excess cords and cables, creating a few spare feet that you can use to make your cubicle feel a little more like home.

At TechDek Products, we aim to improve your life by increasing your efficient use of space. While we can’t add square footage to your house, we can help you optimize the way that you use the space that you have. Our Cable Corral products are designed with homeowners, office workers, college students and businesses in mind. Simple to install, a breeze to use… contact us today to learn how a few extra square inches are just an email away!

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