Keep Those Curious Pets Safe with TechDek Under Desk Cable Management


If you’re a pet owner, you’re keenly aware of your pet’s interest in, well, just about everything it probably shouldn’t be interested in. However, when your pet takes an interest in your cables and electronics, it goes from being a humorous annoyance to a dangerous situation. Every year, pets – dogs and cats, especially – are electrocuted when they chew the insulation off of household cables.

Naturally, the most common offenders are cats. With their inherent curiosity and refusal to understand that cables aren’t toys, they seem to relish the idea of putting themselves at risk. Whether they’re leaping blindly from some unseen ledge or they’re rollicking in the coils of a treacherous snarl of cables, cats seem to revel in danger, even if they are completely oblivious to it.

An effective solution to this problem is a simple one: get those cables off the floor! With Cable Corral under desk cable organizers from TechDek Products your cords aren’t gathered in a messy tangle beneath your desk. As a result, your beloved pet doesn’t see them as a “toy” to be rolled around in, batted or chewed upon.

At TechDek Products, our Cable Corral system is designed to effectively solve a problem that many people just blindly accept. If you’ve found yourself looking beneath your desk and thinking, “There has to be a better way to organize this mess,” then our under desk cable management products are for you. No matter if you’re lifting those cords to protect your furry friends or you just can’t stand the sight of them any longer, easy-to-install Cable Corral products can get them out of sight and out of mind. So if you’ve found yourself swatting your pet away from the mountain of cords lurking beneath your desk, contact us today to learn how TechDek Products can help.

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