Preventing Device Damage and Fires Caused By Tangled Cords

Cable Corral line of under-desk organizers

In today’s device-driven world, we’re all familiar with the ongoing battle to manage our cord clutter. From the unsightly tangle of PS4 or Xbox cords crammed behind our television sets to the collection of plugs and power strips beneath our desks, maintaining an organized, tidy work – or play – space is a daily struggle. But did you know that those chaotic snarls of cordage aren’t just a danger to your peace of mind? Did you know that – without proper care – they can cause damage to your devices or, even worse, spark a fire in your home or workplace?

Cluttered cords are stressed cords

A chaotic fray of cords on the floor beneath a desk or in a high traffic area is a recipe for disaster. Constantly trapped beneath their own weight, not to mention feet and rolling chairs, it’s easy for their insulation to become compromised. Protective coatings are stripped, raw wires are exposed and, as a result, danger rears its ugly head.

The most common issue arising from damaged cords is device malfunction. A surge in electricity, power loss or a sudden electrical short can render critical – and often expensive – devices useless. That $2000 laptop? Fried. That $500 gaming console? Game over. When it comes to your digital devices, damage caused by cluttered cords is indiscriminate and claims all.

Stressed cords are dangerous cords

Worse yet, tangled cords can work with other clutter-related issues to cause massive, irreparable damage in the form of fires. With a minimum of 110 volts running through every wire attached to an outlet in your home, the importance of proper insulation cannot be understated. Exposed wires are an accident waiting to happen. As we know, one type of clutter often leads to others and, in this case, damaged cords plus accumulated dust is a dangerous combination that can result in electrical shorts and fires.

At TechDek Products, our Cable Corral line of under-desk organizers provides a suite of options that can help you manage that mess of power strips, adapters, cords and cables by getting them up off the floor and out of sight. Not only will this create a more visually appealing space, it will give you peace of mind. With your cords no longer trapped underfoot, the risk of them becoming damaged is reduced and, as a result, the risk of more catastrophic events is extremely limited. So, if you’re looking to get your cords off the floor and off your mind, contact TechDek today to discuss your options!

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