Avoid Overheating A/V Devices and Peripherals with Cable Corral

Cable Corral

Maybe you don’t have a home office. Most people, however, have a television and at least one A/V component in their living room. Whether it’s a Blu-ray player, a DVD player, a gaming console, a cable box or a dusty old VHS player, A/V hardware means two things: first, you’ve definitely got something to keep you entertained tonight (yay!) and second, you’ve definitely got a mess of power strips, cords and cables lurking behind your entertainment center (boo!).

If you’ve ever put your hand behind the television while all of your A/V equipment is on, you’re aware of how hot it can get back there. This is because with all of that equipment running, a lot of heat is generated. Typically vented out of slots in their casing, this heat becomes trapped when a tangle of cords and cables blocks those vents and interferes with their ability to release heat. This becomes increasingly problematic the more equipment you have running in the same space.

So, what happens when those heat levels reach critical mass? Well, if you’ve ever had to replace a mysteriously nonfunctional media player, you already know! This heat builds up and causes damaging issues inside your devices… fan malfunctions, overheated components and power failures. All of these problems because your devices weren’t able to properly vent their internal heat.

Thankfully, a Cable Corral cable management system from TechDek Products can help. Designed to take that clutter of cables and transform it into a neat, orderly bundle beneath desks, Cable Corral can also be used on your entertainment center to raise your cables and ensure that your devices’ vents are unobstructed. Don’t burn out another Blu-ray! Don’t destroy your $400 gaming console! Instead, install a Cable Corral and be confident that your devices are operating efficiently and, more importantly, protected from the dangers of overheating.

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