Mixers, Blenders, Microwaves and More… How to Save Kitchen Counter Space with Cable Corral!


Every week, it seems, there’s a new “must have” kitchen gadget on the market. Whether it’s a sous vide machine, a countertop pressure cooker, an electric steamer or even an espresso machine, every new gadget complicates and already common problem: diminishing counter space. With all of these electronic goodies requiring their own countertop real estate, workable space comes at a premium. Need to chop fresh herbs? Better reposition your microwave first. Looking to prep some vegetables? You’ll need to jury rig your gadgets’ cords first. Shouldn’t there be a better solution?

Well, thankfully, there is: TechDek Products’ complete line of Cable Corral cable organizers isn’t just for under-desk cable management! By affixing our simple cable manager to your kitchen’s walls and in the unused space beneath your cabinets, you can stow your cords and cables in a neat, organized way that clears and creates additional space on your kitchen’s counters. Free from the burden of repositioning, struggling and battling against your gadgets unwieldy cables, you can focus on what’s important: making a top-notch dinner for your friends and family!

In addition to making food prep a breeze, Cable Corral organizers ease the cleanup process, allowing you to quickly wipe down counters and ensure a cleanly, food-safe cooking surface. With cords being a major magnet for dust, germs and dirt, getting them out of the way doesn’t just make your life easier, it makes your food better!

At TechDek Products, we’re always looking for innovative and exciting uses for our cable management products. When we heard about the uses that our customers had found for various Cable Corral units in their kitchens, we had to share it. So, if you’ve been struggling to balance your desire for gadgets with your need for space, be sure to take a look at our line of Made in America cable management products!

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