When You Buy Cable Corral Products, You Buy American


You often hear people say “Buy American” and often see products with a USA flag, indicating most of or all of the product was manufactured here at home. But it’s more than just a trend or a cool thing to say. Buying American truly does help create jobs, build prosperity, and hold production to a higher standard.

TechDek is proud to produce Cable Corral products 100% in the USA, including the product, hardware, labels and packaging. The product itself is produced in and around Detroit, MI -- a proud city that was built on manufacturing items that make life better. These US-based companies promote jobs and help support families and communities here at home.

When you buy American, you promote safe working conditions and child labor laws that are not prominent in offshore markets. Many other countries do not have a minimum wage, or it is extremely low; you know that buying USA-made products supports workers that are getting wages for an honest-day’s work. Additionally, you know that you aren’t helping another country contribute to dangerous polluting practices; you insist on a higher standard.

This is why we do not outsource the materials needed to make the Cable Corral. Nothing is being imported. Not the hardware and not the steel. The desk-mounted wire racks are made from sturdy, 100% recycled steel, also produced in the USA.

Because they are incredibly easy to install and easy to use, TechDek's Cable Corral product line is a simple and logical solution to clean up some of that under-the-desk clutter. Mounted under the back of the desk, it keeps those cords, power strips, cables, and accessories off the floor and out of sight.

Of course, by purchasing Cable Corral products you aren’t going to change the course of the US economy, but you can rest assured that using them plays into your greater role of buying American.

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