4 Workplace & Productivity Hacks


Distractions are everywhere—cell phones, tablets, advertisements, TVs in every room—so make your workplace the least distracting as possible to improve productivity and focus. Here are four steps to a better workplace:

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Beware the Dark Tangle at Your Feet

Cables under desk

What is lurking behind your desk? What are those black, white and gray snake-like things that every day seem to creep closer to your feet? They’re supposed to be cables of power and information, but every time you swap out a desk top device, or just accidentally kick one those cables and pull the plug, you have to get down on your knees and bow down to the Cords of Confusion – in the dark.

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When You Buy Cable Corral Products, You Buy American


You often hear people say to “Buy American” and often see products with a USA flag, indicating most of or all of the product was manufactured here at home. But it’s more than just a trend and cool thing to say. Buying American truly does help create jobs, build prosperity, and hold production to a higher standard.

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